Location: Capacitated facility location problem (CFLP)

Direct download AIMMS Project CFLP.zip

Problem type: MIP (medium: instances capa, capb and capc; small: rest)

Keywords: Benders Decomposition, GMP, Reading numbers from text file, Warehouse location

Description: Capacitated facility location problems deal with locating an undetermined number of facilities in order to serve customers, at minimum cost. The potential facility locations and the customer zones are considered fixed points in a network.

The data is provided in text files obtained from the OR-Library by J.E. Beasley (from the set Capacitated warehouse location). External functions, that read integer and double numbers from a text file, are used to read the data.

References: Wentges, P., Accelerating Benders’ decomposition for the capacitated facility location problem, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research 44 (2), 1996, pp. 267-290.

OR-Library: http://people.brunel.ac.uk/~mastjjb/jeb/info.html

Note: The facility location problem is also known as the warehouse location problem