Register Named Users in Network License Manager

How to register Named Users for a Network License in the Network License Manager.

Adding named users

Users can access an AIMMS Network License while connected to the network from any machine, if they are logged in with credentials that are registered in the AIMMS Network License Manager as Registered Users.

An administrator can add new users by following the steps below.

  1. In AIMMS Network License Manager, go to Maintenance > Maintenance mode.


  2. Click to select your license in the License window, and go to Maintenance > License > Registered Users.


  3. A Registered License Users dialog appears. Enter new user information and click Add.


    The username should match the user’s Windows or Linux username.

  4. Go to Maintenance > Maintenance mode to exit Maintenance mode.

Your new user(s) can now connect to the license server.

When connected, their details will appear in the Client section of the Network License Manager.