Database Interface Generation

Direct download AIMMS Project Database Interface

This example shows you how the Model Edit functions can be used to generate a link to one or more database tables for your projects. Normally, this is quite a cumbersome process, since all tables and columns need corresponding AIMMS identifiers of the right types. Using the Model Edit functions, this process can now be done much faster using the GUI on the Demo Page. The whole functionality has been put into an AIMMS library, such that you can easily use it in your own models. To do so, copy both the folders below to your own project directory, and add both the Example Style library and the Database Interface Generation library to your model, using the Library Manager of AIMMS (available in the File menu).

  • _Example Style Library

  • Database Interface Generation

The example also offers you the possibility to export the generated interface as a .ams file. In that case, you can use this example to generate the database interface(s) for your own model(s).

Keywords: Database, Datasource, GetDataSourceProperty, SQLNumberOfColumns, SQLNumberOfTables, SQLColumnData, SQLTableName, Mapping, Database Info, Model Edit Functions