Start a Job via PRO API using C#


  1. Get a C# environment for developing applications. Here we assume you’re using Visual Studio.

    If you don’t have Visual Studio installed, you may get it on Microsoft’s website: Install Visual Studio.

  2. Get AIMMS PRO API via AIMMS PRO Portal

    1. Log into AIMMS PRO

    2. Go to Help > getting started

    3. Download AIMMS PRO API

    4. Move it to a convenient location, and unzip the archive

Running the Example

  1. First publish the example application.

    You can find the example model in .\pro-api-complete\examples\AimmsModel\PROApiExampleApplication.aimms. Create an aimmspack, say PROApiExampleApplication.aimmspack, and publish it on your AIMMS PRO system, for instance using the name PROApiExampleApplication and version 1.

    Adapt application details presented on lines 14 - 30.

    • Line 14, PRO_ENDPOINT: this might also be wss://

      1. when connection encrypted, start with wss (cloud systems are always encrypted).

      2. when connection not encrypted, start with ws

    • Lines 32-34, PRO_ENVIRONMENT, USERNAME, and USER_PASSWORD should have been supplied by your AIMMS PRO administrator.

    • Lines 38-39, PRO_APPLICATION_NAME, PRO_APPLICATION_VERSION, the name and version of the app as it is published.

  2. Build the application using Visual Studio Menu > Build > Build.

  3. Run the application.


The output is the same as when using Java. See Start a Job via PRO API using Java.

Further Reading

See also the manual on PRO API.