Interrupt Execution During a Single Statement

With AIMMS it is possible to interrupt long running executions with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ Shift + S. However, this shortcut key only works between two executed statements or two generated constraints, or between solver iterations while running the solve statement.

A more powerful tool to interrupt is the AIMMS Interrupt Tool, which can also interrupt long running statements.

For example, the assignment

someParameter1(i,j,k,l) := if someParameter2(i,j,k,l) <= 2 then 1 endif ;

potentially can take a lot of time in case there are billions of combinations possible with the 4 indices. The CTRL+ Shift + S shortcut does not interrupt executing the above assignment statement, because it is a single statement, but the AIMMS Interrupt Tool can be used.

The AIMMS Interrupt Tool is particularly useful if the execution of an assignment statement or evaluation of the definition of a parameter is taking too long and you cannot close AIMMS because you did not yet save your project.

Another useful case is when you are working on a large project and it is not clear which statement or constraint is taking so much time.

Using the Tool

Use the AimmsInterrupt tool like this:

  1. Download the AIMMS Interrupt Tool.

  2. Run AimmsInterrupt.exe from the Windows Start Menu. An icon appears in the Windows system tray in the toolbar.

  3. Click the tray icon to view a list of all the AIMMS processes on your computer that can be interrupted.


Please keep in mind that after you interrupt execution, you cannot rely on the data of parameter someParameter, because the assignment statement was not finished.