Routing: Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

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Problem type: MIP (medium)

Keywords: Incumbent callback, network object

Description: The Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW) deals with the distribution of goods between depots and customers using vehicles. The vehicles have a limited capacity. Each customer has to be supplied within the time window associated with the customer.

The model formulation follows Desrochers et al. (1988), pp. 67-68.

By default this project uses the data instance ‘R106.25’ from the Solomon set at: #. #.

More instances are available as cases.

References: Desrochers, M., J.K. Lenstra, M.W.P. Savelsbergh, F. Soumis, Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows: Optimization and Approximation, In: Vehicle Routing: Methods and Studies, B.L. Golden and A.A. Assad (eds), Studies in Management Science and Systems vol. 16, 1988, pp. 65-84