Energy: Water Distribution Network Design

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Problem type: MINLP (small)

Keywords: Branch-and-Bound, generic algorithm, GMP, sections

Description: The optimal design of a Water Distribution Network consists of the choice of a diameter for each pipe, while other design properties are considered to be fixed (e.g., the topology and pipe lengths).

The Water Distribution Network is formulated as MINLP problem and solved using a generic Branch-and-Bound algorithm that was created using GMP functionality. The algorithm is available in the file ‘BB.ams’ and can be included in any AIMMS project as a Section.

References: Bragalli, C., C. D’Ambrosio, J. Lee, A. Lodi and P. Toth, On the optimal design of water distribution networks: a practical MINLP approach, Optimization and Engineering 13(2), 219-246 (2012).

CMU-IBM Cyber-Infrastructure for MINLP collaborative site, at:

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