Keyboard shortcuts for AIMMS

Sometimes it is easier to work strictly with the keyboard than to switch to the mouse. There are a number of keyboard shortcuts available in AIMMS that allow for quick access to certain features within AIMMS.

The table below provides a list of shortcuts provided by AIMMS.




Open AIMMS Help


Rename selected item in a tree (e.g. page, identifier, menu item)


Find and repeat find (CTRL + F to open find dialog)


Switch between edit mode and end-user mode (for the active page, only in developer mode)


Compile all


Run the MainExecution procedure

Alt + F6

Toggle the AIMMS debugger mode

Ctrl + B

Insert/remove a debug point at current line

Shift + F5

Continue execution in debugger mode

Shift + F6

Step Over in debugger mode

Shift + F7

Step Into in debugger mode


Open the Model Explorer

Ctrl + F8

Open the Identifier Selector


Open Page Manager


Save the active page in WinUI

Alt + F9

Open Template Manager

Ctrl + F9

Open Menu Builder


Open Data Manager

Ctrl + F10

Open Data Management Setup


Open Identifier Info dialog

Ctrl + D

Open Data Page of the currently selected identifier

Ctrl + F

Open the Find dialog

Ctrl + Shift + F

Open the Find all dialog

Ctrl + M

Open Messages Window

Ctrl + P

Open Progress Window

Ctrl + T

View text representation of the selected identifier(s)

Ctrl + Shift + T

View text representation of the whole model

Ctrl + W

Open the Wizard dialog for the currently selected attribute

Ctrl + Space

Name completion (only identifiers declared in the model)

Ctrl + Shift + Space

Name completion (including identifiers predeclared by AIMMS)

Ctrl + Enter

Check, commit, and close current attribute form


Insert a node (when single insert choice) or Open Select Node Type dialog (when multiple insert choices)

Ctrl + K

Comment the selected code

Ctrl + U

Uncomment the selected code

Arrow Left

Close node (Declaration, Section, Procedure…) when selected

Arrow Right

Open node (Declaration, Section, Procedure…) when selected

Another “shortcut” you may find handy is a way to quickly run a procedure other than the MainExecution (as this already has the keyboard shortcut F6).

To run any procedure using only the keyboard:

  1. Press Alt + R to open the Run menu.

  2. Press P to open the Run Procedure dialog.

  3. Type the name of the procedure you want to run.