Install the Network License on a client computer

The AIMMS Network License Server allows you to install several AIMMS licenses for concurrent usage.

Installing the Network License Server

A network license is administrated by the Network License Server on a server computer.

  1. Download the Network License Server from AIMMS Downloads.

  2. Run the AimmsLicenseServer…msi installation file and follow the prompts in the Installation Wizard.

Installing the Network License on a client computer


  • Make sure you are connected to the same network as the server where AIMMS Network License Server is installed.

  • Install AIMMS (downloads of AIMMS can be found on our Downloads page).

  1. Start AIMMS.

  2. If no license is installed, a dialog will open automatically. If you previously installed a license, use the menu Tools > License > License Configuration and click Install License to specify a new license.

  3. Select Connect to the AIMMS License Server on your LAN and click Next.

  4. Type the name or IP address of the server computer (only specify a profile when you have multiple profiles) and click Next.

  5. Click Finish.

Your new license is installed.

If you previously installed another license, move the new license to the top with the Move Up button and tick the checkbox. The next time you start up AIMMS this license will be used.

In case of any problems during installation, activation, or running AIMMS, please contact AIMMS Support.