Create Local Solver Configuration

Normally, the list of solvers available via the solver configuration screen is the same for all projects opened with the same version of AIMMS. In this article, we’ll see how to overrule the solvers that are available for your current project.

You can change the default solver for each type of mathematical program via the solver configuration screen (accessible from the Settings menu). You can temporarily overrule this default by modifying the CurrentSolver element parameter or with a where clause with the solve statement. Read more details about how to do so in the article Change the Default Solvers Used.

Solver Configuration File

You can overrule the default list of solvers for a specific project by providing a plain text file named solvers.slv.

An example of what it may contain is the following:

1! Format AIMMS380
2! solver name     /  dll name               /  model types for which solver is the default
3CPLEX 10.1        /  libcpx101.dll          /
4CPLEX 12.4        /  libcpx124.dll          /
5CPLEX 12.5        /  libcpx125.dll          /  LP MIP QP MIQP QCP MIQCP

Any line starting with a ! is considered a comment line. The different columns give the name of the solver, the DLL to use, and for which type of mathematical programs this solver is the default solver. If you save the above into a file named solvers.slv in your project directory, the next time you start this project you will only see the three CPLEX solvers in the solver configuration screen.

Exporting from AIMMS

Alternatively, open the solver configuration screen and press the Export button to create a solvers.slv file in your current project directory. A notification appears when the solver configuration has been successfully exported to a local solver configuration file.

This local solver configuration ensures that your project always uses a specific version of a solver, regardless of whether your end user has this solver version in their solver configuration.

If a solvers.slv file is present in your project directory, any changes you make in the solver configuration screen is saved in this solvers.slv file. This configuration applies only to that project and not globally for the AIMMS version you are using.