More logging of WinUI Published Applications

To obtain more logging from a published WinUI application, the following steps are needed:

  1. Run the application without logging, when this isn’t done yet. This will ensure that an encrypted copy of the published project is on the laptop of the end-user.

  2. Ensure that the folder c:\temp exists. This is the folder in which the log files will be placed.

  3. An example configuration file can be downloaded here .

  4. Copy this LoggerConfig.xml file to the folder %localappdata%\AIMMS\PRO\<pro name>\<app name>\<UUID>\ Such a folder should now look as follows:

  5. Run the application again by launching it from the AIMMS PRO Portal.

  6. After closing the application, the session log files are:

    1. c:\temp\aimms-log.txt

    2. C:\temp\aimms-log.xml