Combine Bar Chart and Line Chart

Sometimes you may want to combine a bar and linechart in one widget. There are three ways to combine a line chart with a bar chart:

  1. The Combination Chart available from AIMMS 4.85 and onwards. Using this widget is the best practice of combining a bar chart and a line chart.

  2. The Bline chart available since AIMMS 4.76.

  3. The Application specific resource (ASR) blinechart. If you are using that ASR, it is good practice to switch to the Combination Chart:

    1. Functionality is consistent with other widgets

    2. Supports more than two identifiers

    3. The widget is maintained over AIMMS versions

    To remove the deprecated blinechart from your project, please remove the folder blinechart from the folder MainProject\WebUI\resources\javascript.