Transfer a Developer License to Another Machine

An AIMMS developer license can only be used on one machine at a time. There may be situations where you need to use aimms on a different machine, either temporarily or permanently. This article explains how to transfer an AIMMS license for use on a different computer. [1] [2]

1. First deactivate your license from the machine it is currently installed on

  1. In AIMMS, head to Tools –> License -> License Configuration…


  2. Select your developer license and click ‘Deactivate…’


  3. Follow the Deactivation wizard and if successful, the following message will be displayed:


[1]This applies to Personal Nodelock activated licenses as AIMMS Developer Licenses are typically installed through the Personal Nodelock method.
[2]For Free Academic license users, make sure that the license activation process is done within your university network

2. Install your AIMMS license on the other machine

  1. Open AIMMS and if no licenses have already been installed, the prompt for configuring a license will appear. Click ‘Continue…’


  2. Follow the installation steps for ‘Install a Single User AIMMS License’

    1. Choose the first option for the regular AIMMS Developer License


    2. Input your license number



    If your received a license file from us, you may actually use the file name, which should consist of a 12 digit number.

    1. Choose the activation code option unless an AIMMS dongle was provided for your license.


    2. Input your Activation Code. Choosing to save the activation code within your registry makes it easier to move the license back and forth.


    3. Choose the Personal Nodelock method if this license was activated as one before. If the license was activated as a Machine Nodelock, you can only choose that option for future activations.


    4. If successful, you will receive the following message:



If you encounter any issues with the license transfer process, please contact support at

Author:Khang Bui
Version:Last Updated March 04,2018

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