Install nodelock single user developer license

This article explains how to install an AIMMS Developer license for a single user with a nodelock.


Install AIMMS (downloads of AIMMS can be found on our Downloads page).

To install the nodelock license:

  1. Start AIMMS.

  2. If no license is installed, a dialog will open automatically. If you previously installed a license, use the menu Tools > License > License Configuration and click Install License to specify a new license.

  3. Select Install a Single User AIMMS License and click Next.

  4. Enter your License Number (given in the email you received from AIMMS Licensing) and click Next.

  5. Select I have received an activation code and click Next.

  6. Copy and paste your Activation Code (given in the email you received from AIMMS Licensing) click Next.

  7. Select Personal Nodelock and click Next (unless you are sure you want a machine nodelock - see the notes regarding Nodelocks below).

  8. Click Finish.

Your new license is installed.

If you previously installed another license, move the new license to the top with the Move Up button and tick the checkbox. The next time you start up AIMMS this license will be used.

In case of any problems during the installation, activation, or running AIMMS, please contact AIMMS Support.


You have the choice to request a personal nodelock or a machine nodelock.

A personal nodelock must be requested online, a machine nodelock can be requested online or offline.

Personal nodelocks are intended for use by a single AIMMS user, who still wishes to have the freedom to use AIMMS on multiple computers.

Machine nodelocks are intended for permanent use on a single computer. They are recommended for server applications, and can also be used for personal use if you are sure you will be using Aimms on a single computer, or do not have internet access.

You can switch your personal nodelock to a machine nodelock at any time.

For more information, see the AIMMS Users’ Guide (section 2.6.1).

Last Updated: September, 2020