Getting Started Tutorials

As a beginner AIMMS user, the best starting point is the Tutorials.

The Tutorial for Beginners is a one-hour tutorial designed as the bare minimum needed to build simple models using the AIMMS Model Explorer. Data values are entered manually using data pages, and you can build a page with objects to view and modify the data.

AIMMS Learning Game

Extend your AIMMS knowledge and modeling skills with an AIMMS based-game. It follows a witch apprentice who rises in rank in the witches’ guild by solving increasingly difficult modeling and AIMMS assignments.

The game is played in a developer version of AIMMS. Each level includes a tutorial explaining the AIMMS functionality used.

Completion of each A-level provides you with the password needed to enter the next level. A-levels focus on optimization modeling, while B-levels focus on AIMMS functionality.


Level 2b uses a MS Access database and therefore we advise you to download a 32-bit version of AIMMS. However 32-bit versions are only available in older versions. We are working to update this tutorial to be compatible with the newest versions of AIMMS.

Witch Apprentice Downloads


More learning resources are available on AIMMS Academy.

We have deprecated The Tutorial for Professionals resource from our website.