Measuring Page Load time


Measuring page load time comes with a price; the performance of the WebUI may degrade with a factor of up to four.

  1. Create the file MainProject/WebUI/resources/experimental-features.conf if it doesn’t exist.

  2. Add the line _aimms_only_perf_boomr 1 to that file.

  3. Start app, WebUI.

  4. Verify that the time measurement mechanism is in place by opening the page source of the WebUI page. As you may know, you can open the page source of a browser page by right-clicking on that page and selecting “view page source”


    Should contain: "_aimms_only_perf_boomr":true

    Close the page source.

  5. Open the browser inspector. If it is docked in the current window, undock it.

  6. Select tab “console”, as indicated by the blue oval in the picture below.

  7. Optional: you may want to limit output by filtering on Time:, as indicated by the green rectangle in the picture below.

  8. Start opening pages and jot down time measurement returned.



Doing anything on the page, whilst the page load is not completed, will mess up measurements. This includes clicking on the page, and navigating to another page.