Initialize MIP Solution

You can initialize the solution of a MIP when solving it with CPLEX, GUROBI or CBC.

In some cases, you have an initial solution, but the solver does not seem to use it.

There are a few things you can check when this happens.

Check solver support

Make sure that you use a solver that supports the use of initial solutions (CPLEX, GUROBI or CBC).

Check project settings

Go to Settings > Project Options and set the following option:

  • CPLEX X.X: Specific solvers – CPLEX X.X - General - Advanced start -> Use advanced basis
  • GUROBI X.X: Specific solvers – GUROBI X.X - MIP - MIP Start -> Yes
  • CBC X.X: Specific solvers – CBC X.X - MIP - MIP Start -> On

Assign initial solution to variables

Assign the values of your solution to the decision variables in your project and solve the model.

Last Updated: March, 2020